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good afternoon, i'm pat lawson-muse. >> and i'm jim handly. we'll have that story in just a moment. but first today, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton called for the government of bahrain to show restraint after a bloody crackdown on protesters overnight. as with egypt, u.s. officials are walking a very fine line between supporting the protesters' rights and protecting a relationship with a very valuable ally. bahrain is home to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. itm reporter paul davis has more. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the morning when the rulers of bahrain sent the police in to clear those who dared to challenge their power. copying the protests in tunisia and egypt, opposition groups had made their campaign poll square in the center of manama. with volley after volley of tear gas and rubber bullets, the police moved in to make sure
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this outbreak of popular descent would have an all together different ending. it had been a peaceful protest. without weapons to defend themselves, they fled, many of them injured. there were chaotic scenes at hospitals. medical staff claiming they were being prevented from reaching many casualties, and the doctors who tried were also being beaten up by the police. hospital officials said 300 people were being treated for injuries. the bahrainy royal family are long-time allies of britain and the west, but london and washington will be uncomfortable with the sight of western-supplied tanks on the streets of manamma, particularly if they're used against the people. bahrain's interior ministry is warning demonstrators to stay away from the square. paul davis, itv news. the violence wasn't limited to protesters.
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abc correspondent miguel was badly beaten by what he called a gang of thugs with billy clubs. pat? meanwhile, in egypt, people are gearing up for another massive protest in cairo. pro democracy leaders are hoping to bring 1 million people back to tahrir square tomorrow in a victory march. it would be the first full-scale gathering. they are trying to keep pressure on the military to move as quickly as possible in setting up a new government. back here at home in prince william county, police are charging a husband with murder after a deadly shooting outside a fast food restaurant. it happened this morning at the chick-fil-a on prince william parkway in woodbridge. the victim is 48-year-old alice everett of dumb frees. her estranged husband is in custody, and charged with her murder. no other injuries are reported. we talked to their neighbors today, and we'll have their
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reaction in a live report at 5:00. in a flurry of rapid debate and multiple votes today, house republicans are passing a series of big spending cuts. and they're vowing to cut even more. even if it means putting hundreds of thousands of americans out of work in an effort to balance the budget. steve handles hahn has the latest. >> reporter: the house was hyperactive. >> amendment number 196. >> reporter: quick debates, and vote after vote. >> the amendment is adopted. >> reporter: $21 million cut from the national endowment the for the arts. 400 million in cuts for heating subsidies. teacher grants reduced to half billion dollars. house speaker boehner said he wants to slash $100 billion. >> read my lips. we're going to cut spending. >> reporter: outside boehner's home, a small protest over gop moves to block needle exchange and pregnancy programs. economists estimate 200 to
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800,000 jobs would be lost to boehner's cuts. >> listen, i don't want anyone to lose their job, whether they're a federal employee or not. but come on, we're broke. >> reporter: the republican party posted a reminder on youtube. it's the second anniversary of the obama stimulus plan. the debt's increased, unemployment still over 9%. the president says the stimulus worked. >> we're now growing again. we have seen 1.3 million jobs added in the private sector since i've been president. >> reporter: meanwhile, the clock is ticking. two weeks until government could shut down. to prevent that, democrats demanded boehner agree to short-term funding. >> a government shutdown would be a disaster for our nation and for our economy. >> and now he's resorting to threats to do just that, without any negotiations. >> reporter: but the speaker says no deal, unless senate democrats and president obama agree to republican spending cuts.
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it's a game of chicken that's sure to get more intense, right up to march 4th, when government funding runs out. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. fairfax county students no longer have to pay 75 bucks to take advance placement exams. school superintendent jack dale announced the mandatory fees in a cost-saving measure last year. but it was challenged by virginia's attorney general who said the fees are illegal. now the school board will either refund this year's exam fees or lift the requirement that students take the ap exams. a health scare for students at george washington university. someone on campus is believed to have tuberculosis. a health department spokesperson told "the washington post" they're working to identify everyone who has had close contact with that person. at this point, they say there is no need for everyone to take action. it's unclear if the infected person is a student or lives on campus. people living in vienna can blame a squirrel for causing
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thousands of people to lose power this morning. the power outage affected about 2,700 dominion virginia power customers. it caused traffic delays in the city's downtown area. a spokesperson for the company says the squirrel interrupted power when it ran into a transformer at a substation. all power was restored shortly after 11:00. this morning. boy, one squirrel can do all that. >> a lot of damage. well, here's a live look outdoors right now. the mercury soared today, but enjoy it while it lasts. >> that's right. because some cold air is on its heels. veronica johnson, what is the latest on tonight's weather? >> oh, tonight we're fine. in fact, we're expecting a wonderful evening, and unlike the warm, 70-degree high that we had at the early part of the week on monday, we're not going to see the temperatures crash in a hurry. so we're going to hang on to the mild weather, have a pretty nice evening, and then another 70-plus day coming our way tomorrow. let's take a look outside, because we do have some high clouds that have started moving into the area.
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nice blue sky throughout the area today. temperatures currently across the area, hey, we're up some 10 to 15 degrees from where we were yesterday at 4:00. right now we're at 66 degrees, but we did hit a high of 70 degrees earlier. so cleveland park and vending right now at 66. landover and largo in prince george's county at 68 degrees. the southerly wind and toward leonard town at 59 degrees. tyson's corner and german town in montgomery county. so it's a south-southwest wind through the area. mild evening for us. but some high clouds moving in. there you can see a piece of a warm front that's making its way through indiana and ohio. and that warm front hooked up with a cold front that's going to bring temperatures down to start the weekend. but at least for this evening, the overnight, 57 degrees. by 9:00, 56 by 11:00. so a wonderful mild evening on your forecast. another 70-degree day tomorrow,
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and don't get used to it, folks, because winter is going to try and make a comeback. another attack next week. what kind of precipitation will that bring? well, i'll tell you, along with more like a pollent count for today. jim? >> thanks, veronica. frustrated usairways attendants pictured today after contract talks broke down. there were similar scenes that played out at major usairways hubs all over the country. the attendants have been working under a bankruptcy contract for about five years and they say now that the airline is profitable again, they deserve a new contract and higher wages. a spokesman says they understand the frustrations and hopes the attendants come back to the talking tables to resume negotiations. virginia drivers have another year before it's against the law to drive and talk on your cell phone. today a house subcommittee killed a bill that would have banned talking while driving.
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maryland and d.c. already make it illegal to talk on your cell phone if you're not using a hands-free device while behind the wheel. talking on the phone or not, we've already got some back-ups in the traffic world. >> richie marlboro road and prince george's county. ash is in the network with the details. >> good afternoon. we actually started off with an accident involving a tractor-trailer on the interloop by richie marlboro road. fo fortunately, it has been cleared. traffic does remain. unfortunately for drivers look at this, it was right in the camera shot. but it's been cleared over to the solely, so good news for drivers. but we've still got delays that are solid from 202, as a result. elsewhere, we've got delays, 95 south. we've got delays early. jammed out of springfield. this slow pace will take you into newington and then the space starts to unwind a little bit. still congested into wood bridge, and dale city toward quantico. as you travel along the capital beltway, we've already got delays as you travel on the
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outer loop. look at this, an impressive lineup. these delays begin closer to river road and take you through tyson. the inner loop misleading out of this camera shot. it looks fine into maryland, but big delays heavy from springfield toward braddock and then slow again from 66 toward the gw parkway. as you continue around toward the silver spring area, both inner and outer loop heavy and headed towards college park, the pace opens up and inner loop drivers headed away from us there. no problems to report. back to you all. >> thanks, ashley. children may no longer be abe to walk their dogs in manasas. city lawmakers are considering a law that would require grown-ups to walk the dogs. the thinking here is that because most dogs outweigh most kids, kids can't control them. the city is also considering impounding and sterilizing dogs if they're caught running loose three times in two years. they say it would protect
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everyone in the community. >> it's just not a good idea to have my kid who weighs 75 pounds in charge of my dog who weighs 135. >> generally, the dog is running wild. it's probably hunting for something, or trying to find something. >> the city will hold two more public meetings before putting any ordinance into effect. more illegal rock fish nets have been discovered in the chesapeake bay. this is video from one of those seizures earlier this month. natural resources police tell us they recovered another 1,500 yards of illegal fishing net last night near kent island. the nets had about 300 pounds of striped bass in them. this seizure marks the eighth in three weeks. natural resources police say 12.6 tons of poached striped bass, also known as rock fish, have so far been recovered. that's a lot. up next, at 4:00, watson, the computer, showed off its skills on "jeopardy."
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ahead on news4 also. >> i said stay away from the crack, which i think is pretty good advice, unless you can manage it socially, dan. if you can manage it socially, then go for it. but not a lot of people can, you know 1234? >> charlie sheen goes on another radio rant about drugs, and hear what he had to say about lindsay lohan, coming up. hollywood remembers an actor on "seinfeld" who passed away. plus coming up at 4:30, the serious risks of blindness if
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the answer is machine.
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>> yeah. i'll ring in on that. the question is, who wins when men compete against a super computer? watson, the ibm super compute, beat two of the best "jeopardy" players ever, by a huge margin. ken jennings has the longest ever "jeopardy" winning streak, and brad rutter has won the most money ever. but the two men were no match for watson. >> now we come to watson. we're looking for braham stoker. and we find? who is braham stoker. and the wager? hello? $17,973. $43,114. and a two-day total of $77,147. >> elementary my dear watson. experts call watson a technological break-through. it took 25 scientists four years to create it. >> and i hear watson donated that million to charity. so watson has a heart. >> yeah. >> he got what the other two got
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combined. more than. >> and you knew it had to turn out like that. >> i want him on my team. actor charlie sheen is not working right now, so for the second time this week, he decided to call into i sports radio talk show. >> yeah, he's back. sheen had something to say about everything. drugses, his hit cbs show, even lindsay lohan. nbc's lee cowan reports from california. >> reporter: charlie sheen loves baseball. not just on screen. but in real life, too. which is perhaps why he felt compelled to call into sports guru dan patrick's radio show on monday. to explain a pep talk he recently gave ucla's baseball team. >> i said, stay away from the crack. which i think is pretty good advice. unless you can manage it socially, dan. if you can manage it socially, then go for it. but not a lot of people can, you know? >> reporter: that sent the tabloids scurrying to press.
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and the late-night comics into overdrive. >> what does that mean? i've got that big i.t. meeting in the morning, so just one rock for me, thank you very much. i'm just a social crack smoker. >> reporter: but for the cast and crew who depend on sheen as the star of "two and a half men," it's no joke. hundreds have been out of work since the show was put in hiatus after sheen decided to seek rehab at home last month. >> so how long have you been sober? >> i've been off -- i don't use sober, i'm not in aa, i don't believe in it. it's off and on. i was sober five years a long time and was bored out of my tree and decided this is inauthentic, not who i am. >> reporter: the message to his bosses seemed to be, i'm ready to work. but don't wait too long. >> i heal really quickly, but i also unravel really quickly. so get me right now, guys. get me right now. >> reporter: studio executives had no comment on the interview, other than to say they plan to go back in production at month's end. but sheen apparently had second
4:18 pm
thoughts about his comments, and called dan patrick back on wednesday to apologize. sort. >> i'm sorry for stuff sounding flip. >> he insisted, at work, he's always been the consummate professional. >> were you drunk on the set doing the show? >> never been drunk, never been high on the set once. but would show up not having slept much, and asking the director to move my mark a little bit, just so i could be next to a piece of furniture or table. >> so you could lean on it? >> yeah, so i wouldn't hang over. >> reporter: before hanging up, sheen said he had some parting advice for actress lindsay lohan who had her share of trouble too. >> what's your one piece of advice if i have lindsay lohan on? >> work on your impulse control. just try to think things through, a little bit, before you do them. >> charlie sheen. once again, he makes me sweat. >> charlie sheen, there he is. he's the focus of our facebook question of the day.
4:19 pm
what do you think cbs should do about his show "two and a half men?" >> lenora posted, he has had more than his share of chances, more than most regular people would get. he needs real help and not a fancy resort or in-house rehab. >> yeah, rachel posted, fire him! they have a business to run, they can't do that with not being able to count on him being reliable. once he has received help, and doing better, then sheen can come back. you know, i find it a bit ironic, the rehab is at home in his mansion where these parties kind of got out of control, in that same environment, you know? >> charlie sheen, the story continues. he made movies with clint eastwood and steve mcqueen. he had guest shots on tv shows like "get smart" "the monkeys" and "the rockford files". >> but you may remember him as uncle leo. >> uncle leo! >> hello! hello! hello!
4:20 pm
hello! >> hello? hello. >> i remember uncle leo's watch. lynn lesser, who played uncle leo on "seinfeld" died from cancer relate the pneumonia. he was 88 years old. he only appeared in 15 episodes of "seinfeld" but uncle leo and his stories about cousin jeffrey who works in the parks department became memorable parts of that nbc hit. actress jessica alba is expected baby number two. >> al ba made the announcement, the big announcement on facebook and on twitter. her post reads, i thought i would drop by to let you all in on some exciting news. honor is going to be a big sister. alba is referring to her 2-year-old daughter, honor marie. the actress is married to actor cash warren. coming up on news4 at 4:00, comedian bill cosby receives a special honor today in our area. and at 4:45, two moms put
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their lives on hold to care for their wounded warriors. today they get a surprise makeover. and for all of your news, follow news4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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comedian bill cosby now has a new honor. many may not know that cosby is a former navy sailor. >> this morning he was recognized as an honorary chief petty officer. it took place at the united states navy memorial and naval heritage center. cosby said there were many opportunities in life he did not deliver on, but today's award makes an exception. >> this gives me a chance to go back in my life to my navy days and pretend that i stayed in. >> cosby served in the navy from 1956 to 1961. >> standing tall. >> congratulations. >> over a chili bowl to celebrate. his favorite place. he's looking good. doing us proud.
4:25 pm
>> great day for a chili dog or something healthier. and eating outdoors. >> anything outdoors today. and how about tomorrow too? because it's going to be yet another day like this. so we're going to get back-to-back 70-degree-plus days coming our way. the last time we had two 70-degree days like this was back in 2008, when it was on the 6th and on the 18th. across the area right now, we've got still sunshine throughout the area. it will be a mostly clear evening, just some high clouds moving in. 66 is the temperature right now, and folks, this spring weather is just a preview, because there are, again, signs that winter will be making a return early part of next week. wind out of the south now at 13 miles per hour. temperatures elsewhere were at 70 degrees around warrenton. coalsville at 68 degrees. 71 degrees right now in laplata with a southerly wind. now, we are not the only ones feeling this latest warmup. areas north into pennsylvania, 76 degrees in st. louis.
4:26 pm
close to 80, wichita, down towards brownsville, texas. a lot of warm air. and look at the temperature drop there. through the rockies and the western half of the country. that's because there is a dip in the jet stream. we're still riding high. but this pattern, again, is not going to be sticking around for a long time. by the time we get to the early part of next week, we'll see a drop in the jet stream. that means much colder air that will be coming in on the heels of the system out west. eventually, it's going to be digging down through the mid atlantic states, through the ohio states, the ohio valley states, and the jet stream will detract for our next storm system. and with that next storm system, an air that's cold enough throughout the area. that means the potential on monday and tuesday of not only seeing some rain, but also seeing some snow showers around the area. as you'll see in our forecast in just a moment. here's a look at the cold front at the surface, coming into, and then eventually through our area tomorrow. there could be some sprinkles with that weather front. i think in the early morning. and then again in the afternoon when it moves through. we may have some fog, too, before the wind picks up
4:27 pm
tomorrow afternoon. definitely, though, some cooler air will be moving in this weekend. temperatures gradually dropping. for the evening, though, 62 to 66. our overnight tonight. and for tomorrow morning, 43 to 47. and that, folks, is closer to what our average high temperature should be for this time of year. 70 to 74, another nice wind tomorrow, but more clouds, and becoming windy. we'll deal with the wind, too, on saturday. first part of the week. with a high of 57 degrees. and then 50 on monday. there is your rain on monday with a high of 48 degrees. what happens monday night and tuesday we'll talk about. wintry precip. we'll talk about the pollen count and we'll talk about the northern lights, too, coming up. >> see you then. thank you, veronica. just ahead on news4 at 4:00, a former airline worker accused of skimming hundreds of passengers' credit cards. >> also ahead, the chevy volt makes a poor showing on a list of the greenest vehicles.
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plus, scary moments on the tennis court when a female professional player collapses profe[ male announcer ]lapses achievement: embraces mondays.
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and welcome back at 4:30, everyone. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. police in prince william county are charging 52-year-old daniel everett with the murder of his estranged wife. she was killed in the parking lot of a chick-fil-a in
4:31 pm
woodbridge. neighbors say the couple has three children. >> more on the story at 5:00. u.s. officials are urging allies in bahrain to show restraint after the deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters. officials in maryland say they found more illegal rockfish nets in the chesapeake bay. natural resources police say they have recovered another 1,500 yards of illegal fishing net last night near camp island. the seizure marks the eighth in three weeks. and the winter winner of the westminster dog show, hickory helped ring the bell at the new york stock exchange today. the dow gaininged 29 points to close at 12,318. the nasdaq earned about six points to end at 2831. he is standing up there, doesn't know what he's doing. the s&p 500 close at 1340. >> learned a new trick. there are new concerns about the serious risk of blindness
4:32 pm
posed by high-powered laser pointers. pilots are reporting thousands of cases of being tagged by these extremely concentrated lights. and now doctors are treating kids who have suffered partial blindness from playing with lasers. nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: it was in the skies of los angeles that this green laser locked on to a southwest 737, preparing to land at lax. soon, a tv and police helicopter were also hit. piercing the cockpit and posing a blinding risk to pilots. when police zeroed in on the address, the suspect was a 14-year-old. he had been playing with a small hand-held laser pointer. police pilot steve robertson says he is hit by lasers at least once a week. 15 years ago, it nearly proved disastrous. >> it was instant pain and burning, and i was blinded instantly for -- it was a good 15 to 20 seconds. but the most memorable part was the pain. i mean, it felt like getting hit
4:33 pm
in the face with a baseball bat. >> reporter: without his co pilot, robertson says he would have cash crashed. these faa photos show why there is so much concern. in 2010, pilots reported more than 2,800 laser hits. double from the year before. and almost always during the critical moments of takeoff and landing. lax reported the most laser events with 102, followed by chicago, phoenix, san jose and las vegas. faa chief randy ban bit. >> these aren't toys. this is serious when you distract an airplane, whether it's a commercial aircraft with passengers, a police helicopter. all of these are dangerous, you know, and distracting. >> reporter: because the concentrated lights can be brighter than the sun,he fda regulates laser pointers to no more than 5 milli watts. but far more powerful and dangerous green lasers are sold over the internet. >> let me take your glasses off. we're going to put a drop in your eye. >> reporter: robert josephburg is treating a teenager who
4:34 pm
suffered temporary blindness after a friend pointed a 50 mill watt laser straight in his eyes. >> it's a thermal burn. and basically, a laser is radiation. and it's so fine tune, it's a pin point of light that basically goes right into the eye. >> reporter: back in l.a., sergeant robertson has regained his sight, but he was hit with a laser again, just last week. >> it's not a video game. you can't push the reset button, you can't put another quarter in. this is people's lives that it's affecting. and could ultimately impact with a crash. >> reporter: pointing a laser at an aircraft can bring you both state and federal charges, and prison time. and the fda recently warned about the dangers of using a laser and pointing at somebody's eyes, especially the illegal, high-powered lasers sold over the internet. i'm tom costello in washington for news4. a former airline ticket agent is accused today of stealing hundreds of passengers' credit card numbers.
4:35 pm
mitch johnson was a part time attendant in california. prosecutors say johnson skimmed hundreds of credit card numbers at work. investigators allege she spent close to half a million dollars on electronics and gift cards. if convicted, johnson could face up to 48 years in prison. two tsa agents have been arrested now at jfk airport in new york city. komar prusad and did he von webb are accused of stealing $40,000 from a passenger's bag. they were taken into custody yesterday and charged with grand larceny. if convicted, the two could serve seven years in jail. police say both have admitted to other crimes at the airport. the chevy volt has been touted as the green giant that can save detroit. only it may not be as green as you think. >> the american council for energy efficient economy ranked the volt 13th in its annual survey of green cars. that's last on the list.
4:36 pm
the nonprofit organization says the volt almost didn't make the list, because it weighs so much. and all that machinery bumps up its environmental impact. it also says the car doesn't get impressive mileage when it runs on gas. volt maker, gm, says the rating is laughable. the honda civic gx tops the list. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. a champion salsa dancer hits the floor after her partner's mistake. hear from this woman who is in her 70s, and still loves to dance. >> ooh, that hurt. but she got right back up. plus, people who weigh less can now get a lab band surgery. the fda's big announcement today. still to come.
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
a champion salsa dancer takes a spill, a big one, while preparing for competition in peru. >> sarah patty jones and her partner were strutting their store for the media, but during a spin, both hit the floor. she's a pro, though. the 76-year-old bounced right back to her feet. >> i am 76 years old, but i don't always feel 76. the brain doesn't always function, but otherwise i try to eat healthy, i'm always active, i have a big garden, i have a swimming pool, i do all of the work myself. so i don't sit around and feel sorry for myself. >> go, mrs. jones. >> good for her. jones has performed all around the world. she currently holds the begin necessary record for the world's oldest salsa dancer at 76. >> put her on "dancing with the stars."
4:40 pm
. >> she is great shape. some scary moments on the dubay tennis championship's today. >> a 20-year-old player was serving in the second set of a match, playing against the number one player in the world when she collapsed there. there was a seven-minute delay while she got treatment, and she went back out on the court and played for one more point before forfeiting the match. organizers say she was suffering from a stomach illness. tonight on nbc washington nonstop, d.c. goes hollywood. >> yep. here's liz crenshaw with a preview for us. lots coming up on nbc washington nonstop. at 7:00, i'll join wendy rieger for "daily connection." at 9:00 p.m., nonstop foodies d.c., in the kitchen with restaurant eve and alexandria. and then stay tune for theed for 9:30, a local singer shoots her
4:41 pm
music video right here in d.c. it starts at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop. >> when news4 at 4 returns, our changing weather. we're also going to get a pollen update. is it back? veronica has the latest. >> almost that time. and robots get ready for a big race. and you don't want to miss today's makeovers. two mothers whose sons were injured overseas. we'll see their makeovers after the break.
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the contestants for the world's first-ever robot marathon are training now in japan. take a look. when the race kicks off next week, the robots will run around 100 meter course, 422 times to complete a full marathon, more than 26 miles long. they're keeping it real. the robots are controlled by humans, but the race is a super human feat, because it could take them about four days to finish. the tallest contestant is just 16 inches high. these are toys. the robots can be tweaked for repairs, and their batteries can be changed, but they have to get up on their own if they fall over. that's the only way i'm running a marathon, if i have batteries. >> it looks to me like they need to loosen up a little. >> they do. >> need to break that stride open a little. >> yeah, need to work out a little more. well, veronica, some folks are complaining about a little, you know -- twitchy noses. >> already, twitchy noses. a little raspy throat.
4:45 pm
i know i was trying to clear my throat during the break. yeah, our folks at walter reid tell us the pollen count is starting to creep up, and we're looking at trees right now, cedar, sigh us were junipers. it's 9.9 grains per cubic meter. tomorrow's my temperatures, they'll be back up in the 70s. in fact, i think spots like -- that are south of us here, they got up to 73 like culpeper accident, leesburg, 73. and this is courtesy of noaa space weather. the sun has been acting up the last couple days. the solar activity. and what that means for us, monday we had our strongest flare, folks, in years. the solar flares and the solar activity really has an effect on the northern lights. it gives us a good chance of seeing them in the northern latitudes and even further south into the mid atlantic states.
4:46 pm
so they tell us today through sunday, there is a slight chance of seeing the northern lights around here. but, of course, that's all based on sky conditions. right now, our best viewing for sky conditions, friday night and saturday morning. overnight we've got some high clouds moving in. by tomorrow morning, though, 47 to 48 with a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. there could be a little bit of fog, i think, just south of the bay, around spots like st. mary's, upper marlboro until the wind starts to pick up. the high tomorrow, 73. but remember last monday when it was windy and temperatures dropped? well, that's kind of how tomorrow is going to be. we're not going to see temperatures drop in a hurry, but there is going to be wind throughout the area. nice weekend, 57 degrees. and then monday to tuesday, there is a look at tuesday, with rain and snow mix, and highs in the 30s. don't worry, pat, don't frown too much. it's not going to last for very long. only a day or so of a little bit of real cold winter. >> okay. >> i'm not frowning. honest. thanks. you know, all this week
4:47 pm
we've been celebrating some very special women here in washington. they're from all over the country. but they're here in our area, because they're caring for their loved ones who are wounded warriors recovering at walter reid army medical center. >> on monday, valentine's day, we honored them for their healing hearts. and they each were given a bag full of special gifts, thanks to niemann marcus and pr partners. she also received a day of beauty. here's barbara harrison. >> anybody else have a valentine? >> reporter: in the gift bags we gave out to our guests on monday, four had vouchers inside for complete makeovers. courtesy of niemann marcus and pr at partners salons. honey petri was one of those who got a surprise voucher. connie's son was seriously injured from an exploding ied in afghanistan last july and is recovering at walter reid hospital. but connie wanted to give that special makeover gift to another mom who was there, tammy
4:48 pm
carveder, whose son jeff was nearly killed last fall in afghanistan, and is also recovering at the hospital. everyone was happy when we said we would give them both makeovers. our now five makeover candidates were on their way to a whole new look. the first stop, niemann marcus. ♪ first they looked at new styles in clothing, with niemann marcus fashion expert liberty jones. ♪ >> then it was on to makeup with bobbi brown makeup expert. >> we're going to customize each look to make them feel prettier and more confident. >> reporter: from makeup, it was on to the pr at partners, where tammy and connie both met stylist jackie rodriguez, who was ready to work her magic. ♪ >> reporter: and how did they both turn out?
4:49 pm
>> i'm a red head. >> oh, my god. ♪ >> fabulous. and tammy and connie join us this morning, along with our sponsors, liberty jones from niemann marcus and jockey rodriguez from pr and partners. what do you think? you guys look terrific. >> absolutely love it. >> do you feel like new ladies? >> oh, yeah. >> i'm curious to hear what your sons think of the way you look, or have they had a chance to see you? >> my son didn't recognize me. >> he didn't? >> it was wonderful to see him. he was like, mom? >> and we can see why. here are connie and tammy before. and after. a change of look, but never a change of heart. barbara harrison, news4, washington. >> wow. >> they're beautiful, aren't they? >> and our final makeover, you
4:50 pm
should know, tomorrow, right here 4:00. meanwhile, coming up today, next on news4 at 4:00, have you ever thought about a tv show but couldn't remember the name of it? there's now an app for that to help you remember. plus, a sports rivalry goes way too far for an alabama man. we'll tell you what the 62-year-old is accused of doing on the auburn campus. coming up next. hi, i'm wendy rieger in the news4 newsroom. tonight at 5:00, busted for stealing library books. we've got the sentence that is raising some eyebrows. violence on the orange line. now the video has gone viral. and what metro is saying about this fight and the fallout. he paid his bills, but apparently it wasn't enough. now a maryland man is forced to fork over almost $20,000 to pepco. and this was not a mistake. and it's a tiny piece of technology, but some say the system has a deadly flaw. it's a story you won't want to miss. tonight. see you in a few minutes at 5:00.
4:51 pm
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buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries.
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moment have you ever been watching a tv show and wonder what it is you're watching? there's a new app that does just that. all you have to do is place your device near the tv and into now. that's the app. it listens to what you're watching and let's you know. the app also let's you share your favorite programs with your friends. intonow is free, and it's available in the itunes app store. >> an ugly display of unsportsmanlike conduct could
4:54 pm
mean serious jail time for one alabama man. this is 62-year-old harvey updike accused of poisoning oak trees at auburn. generations of fans have gathered at the trees to celebrate victories. most recently after last month's victory at the national championships, police say they found the culprit after he called into a radio station to brag he put a herbicide around the oaks. if convicted, he could get up to ten years. still ahead, the fda makes a decision about whether less obese people can get lab band surgery.
4:55 pm
forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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4:57 pm
more than 26 million americans are now eligible for weight loss surgery that used to be reserved only for the more bitly obese. experts say this opens a new door for people who can't seem to lose weight through diet and exercise. erika edwards has the story. >> now they can play. you see that? >> reporter: lap band surgery has been a weight loss treatment option since 2001 for an exclusive group, the severely obese. a silicone ring placed around the upper part of the stomach makes patients feel full more quickly, and can lead to significant weight loss. now a new fda approval expands who qualifies for the procedure. >> it really means a lot, because this opens up weight loss surgery to millions of americans. >> reporter: adults who have a body mass index of 30, down from
4:58 pm
35, can now undergo surgery. they must also have a health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure. >> i think it definitely offers a great opportunity for a lot of people who have been struggling with weight loss, and have been unsuccessful. >> reporter: otherwise healthy adults can have the procedure done if their bmi is over 40. but doctors warn, weight loss surgery isn't an easy way out. patients must commit to lifestyle changes, like regular exercise and healthy diet. insurance will cover the procedure, but there are several hurdles. >> the major requirements include the psychological evaluation, a nutritional evaluation, a medical necessity letter from the patient's physician. >> reporter: for the millions of americans who until now did not have a surgical option, it could be worth the extra work. erika edwards, nbc news. and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
metro melai. tonight, the transit agency responds to the violent video. a popular feature on new vehicles could be deadly for people who own garages. and socked with a surprise bill, a maryland business owner has to pay almost 20 grand to pepco and it's not a mistake. but first, gunfire erupts outside a fast food restaurant in northern virginia. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. it's our top story tonight. a mother of three is dead this evening, and her estranged husband is in custody after a shooting in broad daylight. this happened this morning at a chick-fil-a restaurant after prince william parkway in woodbridge. john schriffen joins us live from the scene with an eyewitness account of the attack. >> reporter: it still remains closed after that mother of three was gunned down in front
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